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“good morning; my name is dr. heartsick, and i will be treating you today.

here is your mandatory dose of unrequited love; take one dosage every morning and two before bed. side effects may include

sleepless nights

loss of appetite

damp pillows

bloodshot eyes

mood swings

severe heartache

a disregard for society

an inability to express yourself in words

but don’t worry; if you take your doses for long enough, you’ll eventually get used to it all.”



"Why do you write? he asked. So I can take my love for you and give it to the world, I reply. Because you won't take it from me." | xvii | taurus | infp-t | bookaholic | meet me where the sky touches the sea; wait for me where the world begins

2 thoughts on “prescription

  1. it’s that numb feeling we all crave… just give me a pill please! the one for unrequited love; so I don’t care anymore. I have something better for that, it’s called divorce! lol talk about a happy camper now! I decided long ago, I’m happiest when I’m single, and quit needing to be in love. I play nonstop with friends, and my life is great! nice blog too… I like your poetry. or prose… very intense. Get’s me going. 🙂


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