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ii. the angel

“In every set of twins, there is one angel, one devil.”

She was an unstoppable force; nobody could control her, least of all him.

He envied her don’t-care attitude towards the world, her ability to say and do whatever she wanted, her freedom. If she didn’t like something their parents or teachers told her, she’d ignore it and do the exact opposite. How she stood up to them, he had no idea. He had always wanted to be able to do the same, to look his parents in the eye and somehow manage to say, “No.” He’d fantasized about it thousands of times, but never actually built up the nerve to carry it out. The most he had ever done was come home way after curfew, and that too was simply because he had lost track of the time whilst in the library. His parents had barely batted an eyelash; his sister hadn’t spoken to him for three full days after that incident. Thus, he could only blame himself for where he was now: pre-med, on his merry way to becoming a surgeon like his parents, when his real love was for the planets and stars.

She had escaped his fate, though. That, too, with only the simple “No” – along with a million expletives, but he sometimes wondered if she was unable to utter a single sentence without them. So there she was, studying Accounting and Finance – simply to spite their parents, not because she had any particular love for it, he was sure – and here he was, regretting every single life decision that had brought him here.

What he envied the most about her was, to be sure, her knack for making friends. A word here, a grin there, and voilà, she had a new friend to hang out with, and three new exclusive parties she was invited to. Suffice it to say, the only parties he knew of were the ones he read about. Boys and girls alike flocked around her, attracted to her like moths were to light. And that was exactly what she was – a brilliant, burning flame of life, nowhere near sputtering out, bringing light with her wherever she went. He would never burn as brightly as she did, not in a million years. Sure, his teachers adored him and his parents were constantly praising him, but he knew for a fact that when they looked at him, they saw only his achievements, nothing more. When people looked at his sister, they actually saw her, not her grades or her achievements. He desperately wished he could know what it was like to be loved like that, the type of unconditional love she had somehow managed to gain from nearly everyone around her, including himself.

She was an unstoppable force; nobody could control her.

He fervently hoped that nobody ever would.



"Why do you write? he asked. So I can take my love for you and give it to the world, I reply. Because you won't take it from me." | xvii | taurus | infp-t | bookaholic | meet me where the sky touches the sea; wait for me where the world begins

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